So many people are telling me, "Better enjoy reading before the baby gets here!" But, why? Why can't enjoy it when my baby gets here? 

A friend of mine recently told me that she just read her first novel since the birth of her daughter...a year ago. Granted, everyone goes at their own pace and I go through spurts where I read more at some times than others. But, if I'm going to have a baby around the naps 4 times a day and I'm gonna take the advise to "rest when your baby rests", I can't physically take 4 naps in a day! I'll never  sleep that night. But, lounging on the couch with a good book? That, I can do!

I am currently in the process of reading, "The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems" by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau. (Unfortunately, I can't tag their website here because Tracy passed away late in 2004.) However, even though it's for the benefit of my family (which I why I am reading it allowed to hubby), it's not exactly what you would call leisure material. 

Since Jon and I got engaged I really haven't had the ability to read like I want to. But, who can blame you when you are planning a wedding, volunteering for 70+ hours a month, working 30 hours a week...etc? But, now that I am technically a stay at home wife and mom (with my part-time photography) I would like to make more time for small things I can enjoy and take advantage of even if I don't have that much time.

Hubby and I already read and study so much for work and volunteering and general knowledge that some people probably wonder what the fun is in reading even more for recreation during your time off the clock. My husband is already one of those people; if I don't read it to him, it's not going to get read.

I am so excited! Trader Joe's just opened in Wilmington yesterday! 
Today, hubs and I went to go check it out. The crowds were so crazy that the police where there to direct people into parking spots! 

I've been to the Trader Joe's store in Charlotte a few times, but you can only buy so many things without weighing down our car or having perishables in our belongings. But, today, I went and stocked up on just a few essentials, aka... dinner and a treat!

Among the the Szechuan beef & broccoli, organic pork gyoza, pumpkin pancake & waffle mix... I got the little gem you see to the left. Sipping Chocolate. I promise you, it will satisfy everything that you ever wanted in the way of hot chocolate. 

Recently, I have been trying to finish up a box of Swiss Miss that we have had in the cupboard for WAY too long. It, especially being fat free, turns me off with a passion! In comparison, this heaven on earth!
It's definitely thicker than the stuff you'd make in your Keurig and sweeter & richer than any type of chocolate milk.  

Tonight, Jon and I feasted our bellies on Chinese and our eyes on Downton Abbey. A large cup of this chocolate & a cozy blanket made this night a success!!