Scariest thing happened yesterday!!

Husband went out of town for work this week, so it's just little man, me, & our 3 doggies. We have been out of town for the last two weekend in a row and it's nice to be home and do things at my own pace.

Yesterday, because we had been out of town, I had given my house key to the house sitter-- which meant I locked myself out. Well, our back gate doesn't lock so I went through there and got in a different way; a way that I was fortunate to find open since most of the time all of our doors are locked and bolted (which my hubby hates!). However, I didn't shut the gate all the way-- or as my six year old asked, "Did you hear the "click" sound?" 

A while later, I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom and play a bit before the rain really started coming down. Now, two out of three of our dogs are wimps and don't want to be outside in the elements anymore than they have to, so I was surprised when only our smallest, Oscar, was at the door wanting in. But, I didn't really think much of it because our two others are always wrestling around and always come back in when they get bored. 

Well, about 30 more minutes went by and I thought I had better check on them. They were no where to be found! They had gotten out of the gate and it was all my fault! I called and called for them, but our Jada girl is a runner and once she's out of earshot there is no getting her to come back without force. Nigel, our 10 month old puppy, is a follower and doesn't have his whits about him when he gets his sniffer onto something curious.

So, there I am in the middle of cleaning my house, doing laundry, 7 months pregnant, a kid to pick up from school in an hour, and a husband who is out of town. I immediately got in the car and looked and yelled and tried to think of any place they might be, but I couldn't see them. :(

My brother in law came and tried to help me look & my parents a but later. But, the darker and more rainy it got, the more scared I got that they wouldn't come back. In the past they had never been gone more than 15 minutes. By the time my parents left, it had been 8 hours. By the time I got off the phone with my distraught husband, it had been 11 hours. I really thought someone had stolen them as early Christmas gifts.

By 1 a.m. I had emailed everyone on our HOA list, posted on all kinds of Facebook pages, and put an ad on Craigslist. I completely blamed myself, my hubby couldn't talk about anything else, & Noah didn't really grasp that they could be gone forever. This morning, after dropping him off at school, I put up 10 lost dog signs in our neighborhood. I really didn't have much hope since our little babies aren't tagged or micro-chipped.

About 20-30 minutes later, we receive a call that our vet saw the post on her Facebook page! A woman had found Jada & Nigel in her backyard & taken them to our vet's office. The vet had recognized the dogs, but couldn't remember who they belonged to, so she told the woman that the owners would definitely be looking and advised her to take them to the animal control shelter. (All this just minutes after I called animal control looking for them both!) 

They had spent the night at animal control and it was $60 to get them back, but worth it to see my precious fur babies again. My husband and I treat all of our pets as if they were our children and it is so difficult to stick out a situation where you may never see them again-- and worse yet, never got to say goodbye.

I am so happy that there are still kind-hearted people in the world that will bring back what belongs to you even if they have no idea who you are. Our nest, and our hearts, are full again!
Last night, we were getting ready to eat dinner... Mind you, we need to go grocery shopping, and keep putting it off, so badly that Jon basically made up what we were having for dinner, dumped a bunch of stuff in a pot, and put it on a plate! I was already not in a great mood because, being pregnant, who wants to just eat what they are given with no choice?? A travesty!

Anyway, I started talking to Noah about his day at school & what he had for lunch, because when he stays at his mom's she normally doesn't pack a lunch. Sneaky little devil that he his though, always gets strawberry milk with his lunch and picks out every "junky" al a carte item on the menu. Either that, or he trades with someone. We haven't quite figured that out yet. I just know that the time he came home & had nachos, a bag of chips, strawberry milk, and chocolate chip cookies for lunch, I about came unglued!

Don't get me wrong, I am a big advocate of rewarding good behavior (or a good workout) with a little indulgent treat. But, when you are 6, already have a few cavities, and don't like playing outside alone-- I kinda feel like I have to make sure your whole life isn't an indulgent treat. Especially, when my love of dessert is what got him craving sweet things in the first place! Guilty. :(

That being said, he told me that he had a strawberry milk again... Like always. Now, we have already made the rule that he can have only water or milk when he gets home from school, instead of juice (because I swear the child doesn't drink water at all unless made to & it equals NEVER going pee)! So, I told him that he had to chose between having "healthy milk" (white milk) at school and getting dessert after dinner... Or, he can have a strawberry milk only.

The response I got shocked the pants off of me.
He said, "Okay. My other mama doesn't care because she's my REAL mama."

That is the single most dreaded sentence that a step-parent has in the back of their mind. "You're not my real mom/dad!"
Poor thing didnt even realize that he had crushed my feelings (and my hormones) but I couldn't do anything but sob into my husband's shoulder about something he will never experience or understand.

My dear, dear husband tried to explain to Noah why my feelings were hurt, but Noah didnt understand and the more he talked about it the worse it sounded and the more I cried. He is a professional justifier, just so you know. ;)

All I could imagine was him being 16 and wanting to do something that I said no about, using the fact that he didnt come out of my stomach as an argument. And then what would I say?

I got over it after a while, but had to quickly blog about it, while I sit here in the pedicure chair where most women gossip and I am analyzing my life haha-- Ah, the trials of step-parenting. And the rewards too... ❤
My boo is growing up so fast. I took this picture of him on the way to an assembly we went to over the weekend. I swear, sometimes I could mistake him for 15, not six. Love him so much!

He is excelling at school and after the first report cards came out we found out that he is meeting requirement at almost every subject in class. A cause to celebrate for sure!

Things have been such a challenge lately with him asking so many questions about God and people's attitude towards him and our beliefs as Jehovah Witnesses. Not to mention his mom getting remarried and now he tells just about everyone that he has two moms and two dads... The constant shuffling of his emotions and how he adjusts to all the changes going on in his life. It amazes me. He will be a much more flexible, well-adjusted person than I am.

Every day I get more excited to see his lil personality develop... See how much like Jon he really is. Before Noah, I never knew another child of divorce (besides, my brother, who I saw quite rarely) and thought that their spirit would be slightly more 'broken'... more reserved.  As my hubby would say though, ASSUME makes an ass out of you and me... And, yet again, he would be right. 

I know everyone rants and raves about their children; how great they are and how smart. But, there are some days when I really just want to broadcast everything Noah says from a loud-speaker and share with everybody what a remarkable kid he is truly turning out to be. 

I really think he has more love in his little toe than I do in my whole body and more understanding in his crazy lookin' smile than I do in my best written sympathy card. More than anything, I hope he stays that way. Innocent and genius all wrapped up into one.