Playing the waiting game... This baby is welcome to show up at any time. Meanwhile, it's SNOWING in Wilmington. I haven't seen snow here in about 2 years.
The weather is SO bipolar. I wouldn't be surprised if it is snowing on the day we bring Ezra home from the hospital. I'll blame it on Jon's parents haha. They got in town on Wednesday after spending 5 months in Arizona and a week in Florida. Apparently, while they were visiting their son, Jeff, in AZ they had a week of 16 degree weather! 

Tonight here is supposed to be 28. A temperature that I have only seen this winter ONE time. But, tomorrow is supposed to be 50 degrees by the end of the morning and all of the lovely snow that does stay will be gone. :( Noah will be so disappointed, after he keeps running to the window asking if the ground is white. He is forever fighting me on the fact that it isn't fair that you have to choose to live near where is snows or where the beach is. 
Fortunately, since hubby and I both used to live in the snow and don't want to go back to it, we will (hopefully) raise our boys to be tanned, beach going, surfing, sun loving "dudes" LOL Meanwhile, I'll just keep watching the snowfall from inside with my buddy Mr Owl and some tea <3

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