If 18 kindergartners giving me a thumbs up on this recipe, doesn't make you wanna try it... I'm not sure what will! 

I saw this recipe... Guess where? Pinterest!... and decided it I would make it for my son's class treat. He was also "Star Student of the Week" this week, so that made these extra sweet!

There are some things you will have to use discretion about; especially the fact that these contain a small amount of alcohol-- something I obviously didn't want to alarm teachers and parents about. If you ask me, the majority of the alcohol has burned off in the cooking process, but that's just my opinion. 
Also, I left out small things-- like salt. Being 7 months pregnant I retain every ounce of water known to man, and don't need another factor to blame. And, there was a little boy in Noah's class with a severe nut allergy so I left out the pecans.

I really think that despite those things, these were perfection and really different from a plain cinnamon roll with powder sugar-based icing. And, like I said, I didn't have ONE child in the class say that they didn't like it or not eat the entire thing.

The proportions of this recipe are not meant for 18 elementary school children though. I had to make the rolls a fraction of the size that you will see in the link (below). If I had a do-over I would probably have double the recipe, only because they didn't turn out quite as "decadent" as I had hoped. But, then again, what six year old is going to eat this and think of how decadent it tastes?...Exactly.

A fun project for you to get the whole family involved in, because it's a very interactive recipe. Just don't start it around 6 p.m. like I did and have your child's bedtime roll around; then, you end up finishing them alone. (And trying to sneak little bites without anyone noticing!) You could also make it faster, if you are crunched on time, by using ready-made dough. I, however, enjoyed making the dough. It was something Noah could really get involved with and also, it's one of the only times something yeast-based that I've made has turned out! 

I only have one thing to say... To quote one of my favorite childhood books, "Try it! You'll like it!"


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