I am so excited! Trader Joe's just opened in Wilmington yesterday! 
Today, hubs and I went to go check it out. The crowds were so crazy that the police where there to direct people into parking spots! 

I've been to the Trader Joe's store in Charlotte a few times, but you can only buy so many things without weighing down our car or having perishables in our belongings. But, today, I went and stocked up on just a few essentials, aka... dinner and a treat!

Among the the Szechuan beef & broccoli, organic pork gyoza, pumpkin pancake & waffle mix... I got the little gem you see to the left. Sipping Chocolate. I promise you, it will satisfy everything that you ever wanted in the way of hot chocolate. 

Recently, I have been trying to finish up a box of Swiss Miss that we have had in the cupboard for WAY too long. It, especially being fat free, turns me off with a passion! In comparison, this heaven on earth!
It's definitely thicker than the stuff you'd make in your Keurig and sweeter & richer than any type of chocolate milk.  

Tonight, Jon and I feasted our bellies on Chinese and our eyes on Downton Abbey. A large cup of this chocolate & a cozy blanket made this night a success!!


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