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{These were eaten too fast for me to take a photo of my own!}

Ever since my husband I got married, I am always trying to find new & healthful ways to feed a grown man who could be satisfied very easy with a baked potato and a cup of chili every night! *Sigh* The life of a bachelor...

I have ALWAYS loved ANYTHING with pesto. I'm such an Italian at heart! The sandwich was literally an entire Italian meal between a couple pieces of AMAZING ciabatta bread! Hubby was eating so fast I had to make him slow down before he choked! But, all of that flavor for less than 500 calories... could you blame him? Pinterest, I tell you; it knows the way to people's hearts!

Another thing I really appreciated about this recipe is that it's kid friendly. If your kids are into lots of veggies, or they just might not care for the slight red wine vinegar taste that these particular ones take on in the process of cooking, you don't have to cook an entire other meal for them. I am completely against that, personally. I encourage my step-son to try everything he possibly can! Even got him to eat calamari the other day! And, best believe, that when this baby pops out he'll be expected to do the same.

Anyways... getting back on topic... I gave Noah a piece of the chicken from the bottom of the crockpot
that hadn't soaked up quite as much of the 'juice' in there cooking and buttered up some of the ciabatta bread for him. (Little carb freak! haha) Then, I just served him a vegetable that I new he wouldn't have a problem with; our old faithful, corn. He may be 6, but the boy knows what he likes! He went on and on about how awesome the chicken was and how yummy the bread was. In fact, I think he got a little jealous of our sandwiches because he started piling corn on top of his bread before taking a bite! 
If that doesn't sell you on this recipe I don't know what will!

I didn't adapt the recipe at all so please just click the link to follow the same steps I did; I don't want you to miss out on any of the deliciousness!

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